Just a dandy day…

We are in Naples, Florida enjoying our first full day here in two years.  We’ve always loved this part of Florida, as it is ‘far enough south’ to escape winter.  We are staying at Club Naples RV Resort.  We still need to check out the entire park before giving a full review, but I will say that it is tight.


They pack ’em in here.  I’m not sure how they even got those rigs turned into those spaces!


As you can see, we are sort of wedged in.


But the pool and hot tub are amazing!  The laundry is beautiful, and the community room is very nice.  All of the landscaping is well done, and the park is clean.  We really want to look farther back into the park at some of the other sites, but we remember them to be tight from our last visit here when we toured the place.  First time visitors receive a 10% discount.

Late this morning, we headed to the beach!  This has always been one of our favorite activities.  When we were deciding what we were going to carry in our rig for full time RVing, our beach gear was right up their with our kayaks and bikes.


Tommy Bahama beach chairs, cart and umbrellas, and this nifty sun canopy we found at Costco.


I bought this beach cart online.  It hauls everything…coolers, umbrellas, chairs, towels…everything but the canopy.  If you get one, get the wide beach wheels.  They really make a difference in the sand.


I noticed that our Tommy chairs are perfect for the west coast of Florida, as the water bottle pouch ends up on the north side of the chair, and is out of the sun.  🙂

Because of the cart, we were able to park three blocks from the beach and walk with all of our stuff…no problem whatsoever.

This evening, we went to Collier Seminole State Park to see my cousin John and his wife Karen.  They are camping there with Karen’s sister Gail and heading back to Michigan tomorrow.  It was good to see them again!

I was invited by Rob at Rockiesoutdoors to take part in a five day black and white photo challenge.  Today is the final day of the challenge!


For my photo today, I chose a picture I took in 2012 on our way out to Yellowstone.  This photo is at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and was taken on the Presidential Trail at the base of the mountain.  I liked how the trees framed the sculpture of  George Washington.

The challenge is simple:

For five consecutive days, you need to post a different black and white photo you have taken.

On each post, you need to challenge another blogger to carry on the fun!

Today I nominate Peter at Life Unscripted.  Peter writes a daily blog that takes the readers on his and his wife’s journey through their lives.  I start my day with his blog each morning and have come to love it.  He also takes great photos!  I hope he accepts the challenge!





10 thoughts on “Just a dandy day…”

  1. They really do pack them in down there but the beach makes it all worthwhile, it looks like you are having a great time!


    1. I just saw your comment, Ingrid….sorry! :). Yes, those spaces are tighter than they need to be. But the bigger the space, the higher the price…and Naples land commands a good price.


  2. That beach sure looks nice! It was snowing here today…hoping for spring soon, but being 1000m above sea level it is usually late coming here. Enjoy the sun!


  3. ¡Aiiiiiieeeeee Caramba! That’s a tight Sqeeeeeeeeeze!

    I have to say that keeping your drink on the shady side is requisite planning. It doesn’t do to have warm drinks!


    1. The back of this park is better than the photo I took…but not much. I was going to post last night, but the most recent photos I took on my old iPhone were lost in the transfer to my new phone yesterday morning. We will get some before we leave.

      That chair will work in Leelanau County this summer also!


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