Moving on from Kentucky

It’s often been said that a fulltime RVers plans are set in Jello…

Our packing jobs at Amazon had been going well, up to this week.  We were working four 10 hour days, followed by three days off.  The work was somewhat tedious and monotonous…no surprises there…but we were ok with our duties.  We were definitely sore, but nothing we were overly concerned about.  Things picked up with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and we were really worn out.  Still we kept pushing.  On Tuesday morning, Diana wasn’t feeling well…it turns out she hurt her back…and went home.  I worked out the day, but pretty much settled on the fact that we should move on, as it wasn’t in our best interest health wise to stay to the end.  Diana had never worked in an industrial environment before, and she was amazing.  Kelly, the CamperForce human resources director, called her a natural.  :). I spent my career in a shop setting, so I knew my way around.  All was well with our managers…they actually came to us for assistance daily…so no issues there.  We just were concerned that lugging totes with two cases of canned pet food in them while being so tired was jeopardizing our health.  We knew it was going to be hard work going in, and it definitely was.  When we let Kelly know, he offered for us to return next year, which was incredibly kind.  Amazon’s Campbellsville management team loves CamperForce, as they work so hard and are reliable.  If finances ever dictate that we need to return, it is nice to know that offer is out there.  That wasn’t our motivation this time, as we just saw Amazon as something we wanted to experience.  The money was a nice bonus, though!

So on Wednesday night, we met up with our friends Linda and Steven at Campbellsville University’s dining hall.  They treated us to dinner (thank you!!!) and we discussed the events of the week.  We have gotten together with them four times since we arrived here, and have thorouly enjoyed every minute of our time with them.  Jodee and Bill hooked us up, and the six of us…er, seven (can’t forget Fluffy Dog) spent Thanksgiving together.


And we can’t forget Tessa!

So…what’s next?  Well, first stop will be a weekend in Nashville, meeting up with Jodee and Bill again!  I’m sure there will be a couple of bloggers reporting on that one.  🙂    From there we will be heading back to Melbourne Beach, Florida for three months, and we are looking forward to seeing our friends Rod and Mary (and Gracie) again! 🙂   After that, we will be exploring some new territory for us, so be sure to stay tuned to what that entails.

That’s our update to what’s been happening.  We really enjoyed our time in Kentucky, and really appreciate the opportunity that Amazon afforded us.  CamperForce is a great program, and the people we worked for were thoughtful.  We definitely knew were appreciated.  This state is beautiful, the cost of living in the Campbellsville area is very reasonable and the people are warm and friendly.  We would definitely come back here, even if we weren’t working for Amazon.

28 thoughts on “Moving on from Kentucky”

  1. I was wondering where you were yesterday. I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye. I had some blogging questions for you. Happy trails. They cancelled overtime this week which upset this broke girl. But made the most of the situation by running down to Knoxville TN for a quick visit to my mom.

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    1. I’m sorry we didn’t get to either, Kathy! If you would, tell Donna, Joe, Nancy, Rhonda and Jim (and anyone else I may have missed) we said goodbye and safe travels! We already contacted Peg and Michele.

      We heard about the OT being cancelled from a number of sources. Not good for people counting on it, that’s for sure. Our email is on the right side bar of the blog…feel free to ask us any questions about blogging on there, OK? Stay in touch and maybe we will see you down the road somewhere. Travel safe!


  2. Glad you’re leaving with good feelings about the experience. And isn’t that how anyone finds out if they like something — by trying it, instead of judging it without trying!

    I’m sure you’ll have a blast in Melbourne. Make a trip to that grocery you liked so much. And oil up your trike chains! 🙂

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    1. Even though it was hard work, it was one of those experiences we will treasure, Peter. We had heard that the managers might not even know who we were, but that really wasn’t the case. Our packing department was really close knit, from our manager Connie on down. Everybody was kind and easy going. Everyone we met…the campers, managers, Ambassadors, PA’s, HR…all just great people. That made the work bearable. The smiles on people’s faces really were genuine.

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  3. Smart idea to move on before one of you got really hurt:) Looks like lots of fun catching up with friends and meeting, Jodee, Bill, and Tessa! Have a fun time with Bill and Jodee in Nashville. Enjoy your winter in Florida:)

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  4. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Amazon experience. Sounds like they work you hard which isn’t the easiest on a mature body, but I hear it’s a great paid weight loss program.
    Safe travels!

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  5. We can vouch for it being hard work. We worked at Campbellsville several years ago as night-time pickers. The staff was very supportive and the CamperForce all very nice, but we would never do it again. That many hours lifting and twisting on a concrete floor is not healthy for anyone’s back.

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    1. The one benefit we had was a composite floor with a thick rubber pad in packing, LuAnn. Those were lifesavers. I hear you on picking. Just walking across the building hurt my feet and back. Concrete is the worst.

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  6. Jim & Diane sounds like you both had a great experience with Amazon. I know the work was very hard but I did a great job, and met some very nice co-worker. Safe travels to Nashville and then down to Melbourne Beach.
    Bonnie and I will be in the Melbourne area for the month of March. Hoping we all can get together for a nice visit. Hope Diana’s back is better soon. I’m having a little neck pain so I know how she must be feeling.
    Again take care.

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  7. It is fun to hear about all of your adventures! Enjoying Nashville, we will be there next week for my granddaughters graduation from college. If you get near us please know that you are welcome to visit . Love, Jackie

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  8. I wish we had been able to leave at the same time, how fun would we have had at Nudies with Tessa as our ringleader! 🙂 Getting to know you two was a highlight for us in Campbellsville. Thanksgiving with the gang was memorable. I know we’ll meet up again! Save & happy travels.

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    1. Same for us, Linda! We had a marvelous time hanging out with you two! Can’t wait to meet up with you again!

      I’ll do a post on Nashville. There was an exhibit at the HOF about when Bob Dylan came to town and hung with Johnny Cash. It was amazing! Nudies was great also. Jodee, Bill and Tessa are so much fun! 😀


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