Hello everyone!  We are Diana and Jim Belisle.  Welcome to our blog, exploRVistas!

In 2014, we retired and sold our home.  We purged a good portion of our possessions and began a new chapter in our lives as full-time RVers.  This is something we have dreamed about and planned for many years.  This blog is being written to share our adventure with family, friends and future friends.  Hop on and enjoy the ride!

Don’t just see it, be it!

Diana and Jim

19 thoughts on “About”

  1. Tried to find an email address to send you a private note to say our thoughts are oh so very much with you all, but I hope this reaches you directly.

    Jenny reminds us so very much of our lovely Sassy whom we lost through cancer Sept 15th 2013. She loved digging up rocks in the rivers and lakes (always coming out with the largest she could find and hardly lift, not the one dad had thrown in for her). You have the same colour and style of truck we have almost exact except hubby’s is a dually, and so the photos look so similar. Like Jenny she loved, loved, loved to camp and as soon as she smelt the water she was gone waiting and barking for us to come and play too.

    She really thought she was human, and we always refer to her as our little girl in a fur coat. I still miss her like crazy today, every day and night, and whilst many keep telling me I need another dog I just can’t to that point yet for filling the void.

    Anyway’s just wanted you to know there was someone else out there mirror image almost.

    Hugs and precious thoughts are with you all for many more months of fun filled memories with Jenny.

    Helen & Pat.


    1. Whoops! We need to update our “about” page. The house is sold, and we are currently stationary full timers in Michigan. We are spending the winter in our RV, so we are able to be near Diana’s mom. We have a work camping job lined up for next summer in Michigan. Time will tell what next winter will bring. Enjoy the Texas sunshine!


    1. It is always a gamble, no matter how much a restaurant proclaims to be gluten free. All it takes is one careless move on a kitchen’s part, and I am sick for 4 days. But kudos to the folks who work hard at it and get it right!

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  2. Nice to meet you, Diana and Jim. Great to learn more about your adventures, we’re your new followers and will be back for more. 🙂
    Greetings from the North,
    Dina, Klausbernd, Siri& Selma


    1. Thank you, Dina! Your blog is very interesting and is filled with beautiful photographs. We look forward to following!

      My mother’s side of my family is from Germany. The family names were Schmitt and Kirchhoff. The Schmitts lived in Naunheim. My aunt and one of my cousins have been to visit my German cousins, and perhaps Diana and I may also.

      Your Norway looks magical!



  3. Wow! Fulltime RVers from Michigan! You are the first ones I have found on the Internet! I knew there had to be some others out here.

    Wintering in Michigan in an RV, now that is a challenge! We will be back in Michigan in late May. Maybe we can meet up?


  4. Hello from Canada! We are in the final stages of planning our great adventure, and just waiting on selling our house. Then it’s south of the border for winters and back home for summer fun. Hope we can enjoy our travels as much as you seem to be doing. Love your writing and look forward to more.


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