Last full day in Naples

Today was our last day before heading back north.  While we would love to stay longer, we are so glad we made the effort to push this far south.  We love this area.

I didn’t post yesterday, because it was an errand day.  We upgraded our phones at Verizon, went to Whole Foods and Publix, came home and made barbeque chicken and mashed taters and veggies.  Mmmmm……


Here is my first picture with my iPhone 6.  🙂

Today was another beach day.  We went to Delnor-Wiggins State Park.


Nice beach with plenty of parking and restrooms.



Even the dolphins were having fun!



We had our beach setup going, and we did not get burned. It is just not worth it to us to do that.  I have to tell you, that beach cart earned it’s place in our trunk, for sure.

After the beach, we headed over to Pincher’s in Tin City.  The latter was built as an area of commerce in the 1920’s along the waterfront.  Today, it is an assortment of eclectic shops and restaurants.  Pincher’s is a local seafood place with a lively atmosphere.  We both had grouper.  My gluten-free version came broiled with cole slaw and apple sauce, and Diana’s was a traditional deep fried sandwich with a mountain of fries.  We laughed how no one could possibly eat all those fries…except possibly me in my old gluten days.  🙂

After dinner, we had a chance to walk the park at Club Naples RV Resort tonight and get some photos.



Here is an example of how the rigs back up to each other.



This is an empty lot that someone recently pulled out from.  The rig goes on the sand next to the patio.



And here is one where the entire lot is paved.

So while the park is close quarters, it is very, very nice.  Everybody loves it here, which is a great sign.  Their community areas are first rate and well maintained.  The staff is extremely friendly. I am sure we will be back someday.

Tomorrow, we start back north.  We will be taking our time on the way back, as the trip down was a bit of a push. We will do our best to post on our travels!

7 thoughts on “Last full day in Naples”

  1. I bet it was nice to get away and get a taste of what is ahead. Safe travels and wishes of warm weather ahead!


  2. OK — that’s way to close together for my taste. Might be we never Winter in FL if that’s the case. But you never know what we might get into. 🙂

    We have been struggling with the upgrade of Phones. Peg’s way due for a new phone, she kept the same basic phone past her upgrade cycle and we have considered swapping her onto MY iPhone and upgrading MY number instead. But, she never uses hers and at least with the basic phone by the time she does use it, there’s usually some charge left on the battery. With the iPhone she’d have to recharge most every day. think, think, think…..

    Love the beach shots. But we don’t spend a lot of time on the beach — been here 4+ months and haven’t actually laid out on a beach even once. Did go to Boca Chica to see what it was like, but since our vacation in Jamaica years ago I just haven’t been in the mood to just sit. Rarely do that even at home.

    They do have lovely seafood in FL — have to admit that!


    1. It is close, but not every park is that way. We really like the community areas in that park, though. We will see.

      Love the new iPhone 6 (not the Plus). We both had the 4S before. My big fingers work on the 6…and my eyes can see it. I have a Otterbox Defender case, and it clips to my belt. Works great!

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