Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery


UPDATE:  Endless Summer’s name has been changed to Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery.  Same owners, new name. 

Our first night out from Melbourne Beach was a quick 43 miles south to Endless Summer Vineyard and Winery, on the west side of Fort Pierce. This winery is part of the Harvest Hosts program, of which we are members.  As participants, various farm markets, wineries and even a few museums allow us to stay overnight in our RV in exchange for patronizing their business.

We pulled in on Sunday about 1 PM, right when their Sunday Wine Down music event was about to start.  Bad timing on our part, but the owner’s son Allen was very courteous and showed us to our spot. This photo was taken Monday morning and doesn’t show the cars that were arriving for the event, as we were pulling in with our 5th wheel.

What a nice place to park! There are no hookups (common with most Harvest Hosts), so we had to conserve our water and power, which we did just fine with. We do not have a generator or solar panels, but rely on the equipment that comes standard with most RV’s. We cook with our propane stove, use the propane setting on the refrigerator and water heater, and use the 12 volt lights that are powered by the battery. (If you do this, disconnect your power plug from your tow vehicle, so you don’t drain the truck battery.) We also supplement with battery powered lanterns and candles. We do not have TV, but entertain ourselves with our iPads, books, board games, etc. We have plenty of water to take showers and wash dishes for a two night stay.

After setting up, we quickly changed clothes and went over to the event.

Endless Summer started out as a landscape nursery in the 1970’s.  When the housing market dried up in 2008, Gary and Susan Roberts decided to pursue growing and making muscadine wine on a portion of their property.  And to take it one step further, they decided to celebrate Gary’s love of surfing and incorporate the nearby beach culture into their facility…instead of going upscale.  In other words…a reflection of who they are and what they enjoy. That was a brilliant move!  The landscape business, Gary Roberts Nursery and Landscape, has rebounded and is doing very well also under their other son Bud’s guidance.

They built a large pavilion, which incorporates Gary’s collection of classic surfboards.  (We took this photo after the show.) The events held here every Sunday have become such a hit, they’ve put two additions onto the facility.  A third addition is planned in the near future. Each Sunday highlights a different local charity. We were happy to support Girls on the Run by buying raffle tickets for some nice prizes.

Adjacent to the pavilion is the tasting room.  Here is Briana modeling a bottle of Webejammin, a semi-sweet white muscadine table wine.  All of their wines sport fun names and colorful labels like this. They sell spots at their tasting bar every half hour, and the person pouring explains each wine to the entire group all at once.  Briana was very entertaining!

Back out at the pavilion, Ryan Owens was heating things up.  The group recently added a sax player to the trio of guitar, fiddle and bongos.They were fantastic!  Each Sunday Wine Down event features a different band.

A few folks were sitting out on the dock in the pond….

….while others were playing Jenga on the lawn.

There were  two different food vendors at the event.  This one featured chicken wings.

Diana spotted the motorcycle parking, complete with kick stand pads.  Nice touch!  The property also has a Frisbee golf course incorporated into it.

Here’s Gary photo bombing our selfie!  He and his wife are super hosts, and they have carved themselves a unique niche with their business.  We wish them all the best, and we will certainly be back in the future!  If you are ever near Fort Pierce, make it a point to check out Endless Summer….especially if it is a Sunday.  You will be glad you did!

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15 thoughts on “Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery”

    1. It’s a great deal, Jim. Gary and his family couldn’t have been nicer. Super people! Same goes with Bobbie and Fred Golden up at Golden Acres in Monticello, Florida. PM me if you decide to join…I’ll give you our member number for a referral.


  1. Yours is the second great Harvest Host stay I’ve heard about – definitely going to consider it for the future!
    Also – I give you guys a lot of credit for boondocking with no generator or solar! Way to go! That would be impossible for us b/c of our residential frig!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You guys would love Harvest Hosts, Kelly! PM me, if you decide to join.

      We can do two nights max, and that is more because we are water hogs! Our battery was 3/4 after two nights. :). I’m still a combo fridge lover. More flexibility, in my opinion. But those big fridges are nice!


  2. What a terrific Winery! They certainly have done a super job of making their place a spot to come and spend the afternoon. Very clever idea for using the surf boards! Wine tasting always looks like so much fun, but I am very allergic to wine and John doesn’t drink it so this is never in our plans:( Glad you had a nice stay:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We used HH a couple times last summer and really liked our spots. We hope to use them again in our travels. Although not wine drinkers, this looks like a lot of fun – we we do love live music! Great pic of you guys and Gary!!

    Liked by 1 person

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