Keep it in the Middle of the Road, Honey

“…there’s a wreeeck on 75 near Cumberland, and a wreeeck over on 675 in Ellenwood….”

An amusing Atlanta traffic copter report we heard one time on a trip through town. In Michigan we are used to them being called accidents 🙂

If only we could have gotten a picture.  We were headed south on I-65 in southern Tennessee, when I spotted something that didn’t look quite right on the service drive to the right of the freeway.  As we approached, we could see the back of a semi trailer sticking out of the trees at an angle.  When we got to the scene, there was the trucker outside of the truck on his cellphone, and the rig was jacknifed into the trees.  The scary part was, he had been on the freeway and not the service drive.  His skid marks went completely across our traffic lanes, down the embankment, through the fence, across the service drive and into the trees.  It had just happened, by the looks of things.  Thank goodness no one else was involved, the truck stayed upright, and the driver appeared to be ok.

The further south we went, the more the leaves appeared on the trees.  Once we turned onto US Route 231 south out of Montgomery, AL, we noticed the wisteria was in bloom along the roadside.



Oh my…it smelled wonderful!  We also noticed the Rhododendron bushes in bloom.  Springtime in southern Alabama is a special time.

One thing RVers should always have is a check list.  On that list should be items like ‘Make sure your antenna is down’ and ‘make sure the step is up’.  We are pretty good at doing walk arounds before leaving, but we’ve yet to put a list together.  We came upon a situation today that needs to be on an ‘arrival’ checklist.  We pulled in, set the jacks, put in the wheel chocks and went to open the slide rooms.


Oops.  The power pole was interfering with one of the slides.  We got it as close as we could and called it good.  It is only for one night.  It is one inch from being fully open.  Next time, I will check that over more carefully.  🙂

The park we are at, Cherry Blossom RV Park, is right on Alabama Route 1, just south of Dothan.


And I do mean right on Alabama Route 1.  We will be serenaded by a flurry of trucks throughout the night.

Let’s hope the drivers keep them on the road.  🙂

14 thoughts on “Keep it in the Middle of the Road, Honey”

  1. Harry has a string measured out to the lengths of the slides that he keeps in the basement. That way we can easily check when we pull into a site where it looks like we could possibly be too close to a tree or something else.

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  2. Read over on another blog about someone using a dowel rod with marks on it. They also use the same rod placed inside the center of their hitch as a guide when hooking up.

    Springs flowers and trees are the best!

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  3. Very scary situation with that truck! Makes you realize that no matter how careful you are, life can change in a minute.


  4. Scary situation, glad you came in after the accident and not when it happened! And I hear them calling it accident on the radio here as well, but I like the Atlanta traffic versions … wreeeck!

    Nothing is blooming here yet so I am envious of the smells of Wisteria and beautiful Rhododendron. Hopefully something will start happing here soon as well!

    Stay safe! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Inger! Sometimes luck works in one’s favor. That could have been ugly.

      I see Rob nominated you for the B&W challenge… he challenged me too! I started mine today. Are you going to give it a try? 🙂


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  5. Having spent a few years in a semi cab I can only cringe with your description. But when it’s your time there’s nothing you can do about it, and when it isn’t the only thing you can do is be appreciative it’s not your time.

    Love the trees in bloom!

    LOL — checklists. I make ’em and then lose ’em. The antenna down is a big one for many. And you aren’t the only person to ever reposition because something didn’t open far enough. 🙂

    But you’re makin’ good time. And havin’ fun.


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