Hitch Itch

“Happiness is having a scratch for every itch.”

Ogden Nash

It all started on Friday morning with my statement to Diana:  “I have a bad case of hitch itch.”  For those of you outside the RV circles, that is when an RVer has had enough of the location they are in.  The urge comes over you to hitch up and head out.  After a little discussion, I was going all out at removing the skirting.  We had decided to make a run to Florida for a couple of weeks to get a change of scenery!


Kayaks on the truck, fresh tires on the trailer and we set a target of Tuesday morning for launch.  With a half hour to spare, we made it!  It was a good thing, as the temperatures had begun to dip back down. Tuesday morning, the thermometer read 22 degrees.  We really noticed the difference in the rig without the skirting, both in floor comfort and in propane usage. 

As you can see in the photo above, the snow piles in Grand Rapids had dwindled to hardly anything.  As we drove south, we encountered the remnants of the storm that dumped 6 inches of snow on Chicago the other day.  While the roads were dry, we didn’t escape the white landscape until Indianapolis.


Tonight, we are at Woods and Waters campground in Columbus, Indiana.  This campground is open year round. It’s somewhat cloudy, and it is supposed to warm up and rain overnight.  Rain: what a concept.  I believe we saw something they called rain back in October.  We will take it!  🙂

So, exploRVistas is on the road…even if it is just for a short getaway.  Stay tuned for updates as we move along.

Itch is officially scratched!  🙂

20 thoughts on “Hitch Itch”

  1. Hi guys,

    Enjoy your trip to Florida! We are thinking of staying in the Grand Rapids area for about a week in mid-May, what Woodchip like? We are also planing to spend a few nights in the Columbus area, can you give us some thoughts on Woods and Water?

    Enjoy the sunshine!


    1. Woods and Waters is somewhat small and is sandy, as you can see in the picture. The owners have done a nice job maintaining the place; the laundry and restrooms look great! Biggest drawback is the noise from I-65, which is somewhat close by.

      Woodchip is a great park. It is a perfect place to stay at if you are visiting Grand Rapids. It can get busy in the summer, and some of the sites are a little narrow, but May would be perfect and a little less crowded.


  2. Yay!!!! You are on the road again!!!!! I am so happy for you both. Enjoy the Florida warmth.

    We just left Florida and are in Savannah Ga for a couple of days then slowly heading to the Boston area to workamp for the sumner. Safe travels. Have fun and take care.


  3. Dear Jim and Diana, Good to hear you are on the move. That probably means Aunt Joyce is stable. I know Florida is an easy drive from Michigan, but Texas is not that much farther. Come see us! The temps are 70 to 80 and the bluebonnets are in bloom.


  4. Dear Jim and Diana, You may find this comment more than once. I’m having a little trouble logging in. This is the third time I’ve tried to post this! Yikes!

    Always good to read your posts and I’m glad you are feeling frisky! Sounds like Aunt Joyce must be doing OK.

    Florida is an easy drive from Michigan, but Texas is not that much farther. Temps here are in 70s and 80s and the bluebonnets are showing. A great time to visit! Come see us.


  5. Jim & Diana

    Have a safe trip. Enjoy Florida. Where are you heading in Florida??
    We are in the Ocala area now going to Penacola sometime next week.
    Again enjoy your travels
    Fred and Bonnie Lee


  6. Hitch itch was fore sure something I hadn’t heard before:) Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing from Florida. I must be nice there this time of year:)


  7. I’m so happy for you two to be out of the cold and into something a little more enjoyable. That kind of 320 mile day has gotten to be more common for us. We used to take shorter hops but the new coach has made a big difference and 300 is a lot easier than it once was.



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