Stay healthy for the holidays!

I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake…shake it off, shake it off!
Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Taylor, how I wish I could! It is flu season, and I speak from first-hand experience. On Saturday, I went to do my morning 4 mile walk on the track at the YMCA. For the record, I am over 6 feet tall, and a very swift walker. To my surprise that morning, people I normally pass were lapping me repeatedly. My joints ached, but that’s not out of the ordinary for my 56 year old body. By late afternoon, the flu hit me like an NFL tackle, even though I did get my flu shot earlier this fall. My first concern was to not get Diana sick, as she needs to be healthy for her mom. She remembered Tamiflu…the wonderful antiviral drug…and told me to call the on-call doctor. Long story short, I called, Diana picked it up (last available dose in the area), and it was in my system before 7 PM. I am here to tell you: this stuff works. While I am still laying low, Tamiflu took the edge off of the virus and I avoided most of the ugly side of the flu. I highly recommend it. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, get your flu shot. It supposedly lessens the effects of this mutant strain of the virus. Better yet, be sure to wash your hands often, and keep your fingers away from your face. That’s my Dr. Jim heath alert for this winter.

On a brighter note: When was the last time you saw a December 23rd like this in West Michigan?


Yes, that is the sun!


The temperature managed to work its way up to 50 degrees, which was a real treat! Granted, I wasn’t able to stay out long and enjoy it, but the few minutes I did were cherished. Those of you who have seen our fifth wheel know we have a lot of windows. We were fortunate to get a site this winter that points most of our windows to the south, thereby taking full advantage of the little bit of sun that West Michigan offers up this time of year. As Diana says: “Another no-shovel day!” We will take every one we can get this year. We do have our snowshoes handy, though…as winter will certainly bring us a nice layer of fluffy snow. We will be sure to post our experiences.

So, as we pause to enjoy the holiday season, remember to keep good health in mind. Diana and I wish our best to each and every one of you!

4 thoughts on “Stay healthy for the holidays!”

  1. Jim,
    Good morning. So sorry to here that you are not feeling well. It’s sad for you to be sick over the holiday’s. We are hoping you start to feel better very soon.
    Please keep Diana in good health too.
    On a good note for us this holiday season. Sold house closing on Jan 12th. Bonnie retires on Jan 9th. So we will be jointing you guys as Full-timer Feb 1st. Are you going to RV-Dreams Reunion in May?? Hope so Bonnie and I will be there. Ok. Get better soon, be safe, enjoy the great weather, and have a great Christmas.
    Fred and Bonnie.


    1. Thanks, Fred! I do feel a lot better than I did on Saturday! Congratulations on your sale and Bonnie’s retirement!

      We won’t be attending this year’s reunion rally, as we have a work camping job in Northern Michigan this summer. We definitely will get to one in the future. If you find your way to Michigan this summer, be sure to contact us. We would love to see you!


  2. Sorry to hear you had been sick. Good to hear the weather is nice up their. Daughter and her husband left this morning early heading up to visit her grandmother.

    Assume you were able to stay in your rig away from making an older person ill. Another bonus, I suppose, of living fulltime in a rig.


    1. Yes, I didn’t venture out all week. I’m doing well today, although I am amazed how much this kicked the tar out of me.

      The weather is even better today than in my photos. After last year, we will take every bit of it!


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