Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach was a dream of many a baby boomer, at one time or another. Driving on the beach itself is a pastime that dates back to the infancy of the automobile itself.


After visiting with family in the center of the state, we decided to loop out to Daytona for a few days. Jim was happy to see that the sand was firm enough to support our 8000 pound truck.


Having lived for so long in West Michigan and also frequenting the Gulf coast of Florida, it was a special treat to see a sunrise over the ocean. It even made the coffee sweeter.


While we were there, the USAF Thunderbirds were practicing for an air show. Talk about a front row seat! We were on the southern turn of their practice route.


At the southern end of the strand is Ponce Inlet, with a beautiful lighthouse. This area had a laid back feel to it.

Daytona is considered by many to be past its’ prime, but there do seem to be some strong attempts to bring it back. Many major hotel chains are opening new places along here, including Hyatt Place, Residence Inn, Hampton Inn and others. A new Joe’s Crab Shack recently opened on the pier. We enjoyed our time here, even though we prefer the Gulf side. After all, it is hard to resist reliving a teenager’s dream of cruising the beach with your sweetheart!

9 thoughts on “Daytona Beach”

  1. Diana and Jim

    I’m a very big lighthouse fan.
    Bonnie and I visit lighthouses on just about each trip we take.

    Last time we visited FLD we also stopped at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.
    Thanks for sharing it for everyone to see.



    1. Michigan is loaded with them! My great grandfater built Old Mackinac Point in 1892, and I was on the committee that got it reopened. The State of Michigan has done a great job with it.

      Also, do you follow Technomadia and/or Wheeling It? They have a keen interest in lighthouses, and are currently in Oregon.

      Let’s make a point of meeting up down the road!


      1. Diana & Jim

        Looking forward to visit the lighthouses of Michigan.
        So yes, we should plan to meet up down the road.

        Bonnie & Fred


    1. Yes, it sure is a lot of fun having them! We like having the individual kayaks, as it allows us to be a little more independent, and we can paddle next to each other and carry on a conversation. Our rack is just a simple set of Thule bars with ratchet straps holding the kayaks on. We have been coast to coast several times with them; no issues with them coming off. We do lock them on with a bike cable, just to keep the good guys good. :). Our truck is a long box, and the kayaks are Perception Swifty 3.1 sit inside models.

      Many paths you can choose with kayaks and fulltime RVing. I just know that a lot of folks aren’t aware that they can do a regular hard sided version. Either way is great…as long as you get on the water! 🙂



      1. Not mud, but I did I bury the truck to the axles in sand once in Michigan, Gin. I had the 5th wheel attached in a campground, and I was trying to turn in too tight of a space. Luckily there was a guy with a tow strap there to pull me out! 🙂

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