A Time For Mom

I thought I’d write a quick update to let everyone know what our winter plans are.  We came back to Grand Rapids for the month of November, hoping to find an opportunity to head to Florida for the winter.  That all hinged on our assessment of Diana’s mom’s health.  Not long after our arrival, she took a turn for the worse. It became obvious that we needed to be here.  Mom is now on hospice, and even though she is a fighter, her health is declining.  But beyond that, we just want to be with her.  She lights up when she sees us, as do we when we are with her.  It’s a tough time in the circle of life, but also a very sacred time.

So beginning tomorrow, the skirting goes back on the trailer, as we prepare to face another West Michigan winter.  We are supposed to get measurable snow here on Saturday.  I am going to find myself referring to my own blog posts from last winter and taking my own advice!    I sure hope it’s good advice! 🙂   If I come up with any new ideas, I’ll be sure to pass them along.  We will be posting from warmer winter locales in due time.  For now, it’s Mom’s time and turf…and that is a pretty special place to be.

Diana and her mom on Mom’s 80th birthday last April. 


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23 thoughts on “A Time For Mom”

    1. I thought about how I made you cold with my posts last winter when I wrote this, Jim. You can send me some glacier photos from Alaska next summer…sort of a virtual snowball fight!

      Hope your trip next year takes you up the Icefields Parkway between Banff and Jasper. That is some serious scenery.


  1. Jim
    You & Diana are down to earth wholesome people that know what priorities are in life. Your mom (in-law) is blessed to have you two. Our prayers are with you as we are in a simular situation with Cindy’s dad – Bert.

    We are a short ride away. Let me know if we can help any way.

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  2. Hi Diana and Jim! Good to hear from you again. Sorry that you cannot get away to warm temps this year, but I know your time with your mom will always be remembered and cherished. Family is everything. Stay warm! All the best to you.

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  3. I’m sure you know the mixed feelings we have in reading this post. Of course it’s Mom’s time. And of course there’s some frustration. And spending the winter in the cold won’t be any fun. But we both know that in the years to come you’ll forever be glad you did this, and that you’ll even make some amazing memories while you’re at it.

    Our time of parental bed-sitting was shorter than yours but some events aren’t measured in days and hours. I’m incredibly thankful for hospice. They knew what to expect, how the process would proceed, they kept us informed and able to be a comfort to Peg’s dad whereas if we had been left to our own devices I’m sure we would have done things differently/wrong.

    God bless and keep you all,

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  4. So glad you can be there for Mom – you are right – this is an important time. Time is the one thing in life that is finite – you only get the amount you get, so being able to spend it where you need to be is priceless!
    Bill and I will think good thoughts for you all.

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  5. Know that you are doing the right thing.

    We visited Michigan during September. WOW! Fell in love. Spent time in Mackinaw City and on the Island. Then over to Sleeping Bear Dunes. Then to Kalamazoo area. And lots of places in between. We are impressed!

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  6. Nothing more important than family, Mom is definitely where you need to be. Hospice is an amazing network of people whose wings are just barely hidden beneath their clothes. I’m sure there are a few snowy adventures for you two to find.

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  7. Family always comes first! And it’s so cool that you guys get to be part of this season in her life. Our prayers are with you and your family. Thanks for sharing such intimate moments with us.

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