Workin’ Hard and Playin’ Often!

It is remarkable how a simple answer to a question can be the impetus to overcoming an obstacle.  So it was with Site 94 at Wild Cherry Resort.  A project to build an upscale Class A site had reached the point of laying the pavers.  None of us had ever done that sort of work before, and not much was happening as a result.  When our newest work campers, Rod and Mary, showed up in mid-June, the question was asked if Rod knew how to do pavers. Mary replied “Yes he does”, and Rod was immediately appointed to be the foreman.  🙂

First day on the job, Rod started rounding up the tools needed and put us to work.  Here he is manning a rake, with Paul on the compactor.

Jim S. (the owner) started running sand with the Truckster.

As the week wore on, the crew kept at it.  I missed part of the work when we made our previously scheduled trip to St. Louis.  Our goal was to have the site finished for the July 4th weekend.

Rex, our longtime mower, kept the rest of the park looking great while we were tied up on the site.  Rex celebrated his 91st birthday last week with happy hour at his and Nellie’s place.  The only thing that keeps Rex from mowing is an invitation to go salmon fishing on Lake Michigan.  🙂

After the pavers were laid, we spread a sand/concrete mix over the top and Rod shook it in with the compactor.  

We then swept off the excess and Rod sprayed the site with water to set the mix and the pavers in place.

The site also features a lower patio, which Mary did the landscaping on.


From left: myself, Dave, Rod, Mary, Rex and Paul….
…and the owner of Wild Cherry, Jim.

After working our tails off, we welcomed the first motor home onto Site 94 on July 2nd.  🙂  Time to play!

One of the many things we took in since then was Paddle for Pints, which I have previously posted about.  A few days later, Diana’s cousins Reed and his wife Emily, and Nancy and her husband David came over from Luzerne to visit.

We took them to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and hiked up to Pyramid Point.  Here is Reed and I looking out towards North Manitou Island.  After we completed the hike, we had a nice lunch at Hearth and Vine at Black Star Farms.

And then there are evenings on the patios of the local wineries, which feature local musicians.

Here we are with Camilla at Aurora Cellars, listening to Drew Hale.

Mary noted on a later visit that Drew has a Zac Brown influence.  I also detected a little Keith Urban in his voice.

And here is singer/songwriter Blake Elliott at Shady Lane, an event we also attended with Camilla. Blake is often compared to Traci Chapman but, per Robert Downes from Northern Express, is as “hard to pin down as liquid mercury”.  Crazy good, for sure!

And here are The Accidentals at Blustone.  We showed up later here with Rod and Mary after listening to Drew Hale again with Paul and JoAnn.  Camilla is out in the crowd already.  🙂   If you haven’t heard of The Accidentals, chances are you will someday.  Fresh out of high school and Interlochen, their list of accomplishments is amazingly long.  The girls play 12 instruments between the two of them. Best described as indie/folk/bluegrass….uh, well…they really defy description.  🙂

And it is cherry picking time!

Before the mechanical shakers came in, we were told we could pick some for ourselves.  Here is Diana picking some black sweet cherries.  Oh, my….they are delicious!

And while Jim S. and a few others were picking cherries, I was driving the Truckster around, picking up golf balls.  Always a nice way to spend an hour.  🙂 I’ve also been tackling a fence painting project, along with my normal duties on my work days.  Diana has been very busy with the office, which is a huge job.  As is evident, we are working hard and having fun!  We are fortunate to be part of a great group of people, both workers and seasonal residents.  The weather is outstanding…low humidity and temperatures just below 80 for highs.

If you are looking for a place to spend a nice vacation, come on up and see us!


22 thoughts on “ Workin’ Hard and Playin’ Often!”

    1. The cherries are awesome, even though Jim’s trees are 50 years old and past their prime, Debbie. Even his tart cherries, which he is picking next week, are great. Just goes to show you that 50 year olds still got it!


  1. Lake Michigan is so beautiful. I must say that this is an area I really enjoyed. We also found that there weren’t any bugs when we stayed in Empire. The people in the office said they didn’t know why but they never had mosquitos or gnats. Between that, the lake, and nicer cool weather, it is an area we enjoy.

    I like that new site you fellows just built. That’s my idea of a perfect site. Is there only one site with pavers? Do they plan to build more? Since you are picking up golf balls, I assume there is a golf course attached?

    Fresh picked cherries…yum! Do they lay something on the ground to make picking up the cherries easier after the shakers?

    Boy, I am just full of questions today:)


    1. Here is a Facebook link to Jim shaking the trees, Pam:

      The only bug issues are the occasional emergencies of black flies and gnats on the beaches. I believe they are gone by now. Also, he paver site has become so popular, there will probably be more in the future. The park has a driving range and two golf greens, but the greens are currently in need of some TLC.


  2. Wow, the life of a workcamper can be pretty demanding! I am impressed by your skills and the end result was beautiful! We loved our time in Sleeping Bear Dunes, too. Although we missed the cherry festival, we did enjoy cherry pie!


  3. Really enjoy reading about your workamping experiences. Karen and I are in the process of planning a trip to Michigan via rented RV. I’m going to get with her to see if we can work in a stop at your RV Park.


  4. Glad to finally see Rex.
    PAver project, eh. Pretty soon you’ll be carrying a mason’s card for your second career!
    Glad you’re having fun!!!!


    1. You would really enjoy talking to Rex and Nellie, Peter. Great people. 🙂

      I’ll take credit for some of the grunt work and half of the angle cuts on those bricks at the end of the drive. Rod and the other guys got the sand level while we were in St. Louis. Rod laid the lion’s share of the brick.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Retirement certainly agrees with you! You both look great. Happy and healthy! Enjoy the rest of the summer.


    Your cousin, Barb


    1. Thanks, Barb! Leelanau has been really good for us. We pretty much have to remind ourselves on a daily basis that we are LIVING here and are not just here for the weekend! Love, love, love it! Have a great summer also!


  6. The beautiful end result seems to have been worth all the sweat with the pavers. Looks lovely! Glad you have some time off to enjoy as well – cherry picking sounds like something I could get used to:)


    1. The guys were out picking tart cherries today. I helped Rex out with the mowing today, as he had some personal business to attend to. That was the first time I had tried a zero-turn mower. I have a new appreciation for just what Rex does, day in and day out. He is an amazing guy.

      Liked by 1 person

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